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How To Have A Whole Team Building Your Business...Even When You're A Sole Proprietor!
Philip Benjamin

There's a big difference between working FOR yourself, and
working BY yourself. Every smart small business operator
should learn how to build a TEAM of people around them
who will help build the business - even when they are
independent owners.

The very first person on your team should be your
accountant, or at least a bookkeeper. Even if you're a
math whiz, and love doing your own books (will you come
and work for ME, please?), an accountant should still
be one of the people with whom you consult regularly.

Based on your financial statements, they can help get you
back on track in a hurry if you start veering off-course.

The next person you want to have on your team is your
banker. Even if you didn't have to borrow seed money or
start-up funds, it's always a good idea to develop a
positive relationship with your banker - you never know WHEN
you might need to dip into the pot, and you might as well
have a good rapport with the person who makes the decision!

Another person you may need to have on your team is a
business lawyer, especially if you are importing or
exporting, or doing any kind of international business. If
you're in either the information or manufacturing business,
a good corporate lawyer understands the nuances of things
like patents, copyrights and trademarks, too - and many of
them now have a pretty good handle on the demands and
diversity of e-commerce enterprises, as well.

Another team member that's vitally important is your mentor
- and some of us are lucky enough to have more than one. If
you don't already have a mentor, I highly recommend finding
one - there's nothing like the voice of experience to see
you through a start-up or growth phase, or even the
introduction of new products or services.

Employees, if you have them, are key members of your team.
Don't ever forget that if you need them, then you couldn't
be building your business without them!

Then there's your friends and family members, who most
certainly make up a part of your team - sometimes the most
important part. These are the people who, although they may
not know your business like you do, know YOU better than
anyone. That means they'll know when you need support and
encouragement, or when you need a big pat on the back for a
job well done.

Finally, the most important people on your team are your
customers or clients. Yes, that's what I said - who else can
give you immediate and honest feedback about your service or
product and your customer service skills? See them as part
of the team that's helping you build your business, and you
can't go wrong!

Together, ALL of the people on your team can make your
business successful.

About the Author

Philip Benjamin knows a lot about working with a
team to build a successful business. Learn more about
that by checking out Philip's website at

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