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Starting a Business with Little or No Money
Jonathan R Taylor

Contrary to popular belief, starting a business doesn’t require thousands of dollars. There are countless numbers of legitimate business opportunities out there that cost very little to start. Starting an Ebay business costs nothing, yet hundreds of thousands of people are making their living buying and selling goods online. If you’re more interested in person to person contact, flea markets are a great venue for trading goods as well. The key to success in this type of business is to find the right product niche.

Service businesses require very little investment, and can be tremendous income earners as well. Dan Miller on his audio “Turning Your Passions into Profits” tells the story of a young man who stops by their office twice a week to pickup and drop off employee dry cleaning. He does not own a dry cleaning business, but rather a delivery service in which he has contracted with one of the local dry cleaners in his area. He has no overhead, and makes an incredible income providing a much needed service. Dan also describes a woman who is making a remarkable profit with her window cleaning business. The only initial investment required for her was purchasing a bucket and squeegee.

Network marketing is also a great income opportunity where you can learn valuable business skills such as selling, organizing, negotiating and team building at almost no cost. There are many network marketing companies out there to choose from, so it’s important to do research to separate the fraudulent scams from legitimate businesses.

The most important point that should be made, is that any business, whatever you choose is going to be hard work! Don’t be fooled by business opportunities that promise something for nothing. Any business startup requires plenty of sweat equity if it is to amount to anything. Successful entrepreneurs are always willing to roll up their sleeves and do what is necessary to render valuable service to the consumer.

About the Author

Jonathan Taylor, specializes in helping people in every stage of their lives to find more meaning and purpose in their work. He believes that to find that purpose and meaning, a person's interests, skills, passions, and goals must integrate seamlessly with their work. To find more great ways to start a business, subscribe to Jonathan's newsletter at!

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